Via Diagonalis 2007

A very successful product on the market, this wine wins with its unreachable complex aromas and taste, and most of all the perfect balance between quality and price. Via Diagonalis will delight you with multilayered aromas - succulent black cherry, blackberry jam, pumpkin pie, iodine and its immaculate terroir, delicate musk and leather highlights. A truly noble wine for real connoisseurs, that will be appreciated by people who like full-bodied and spicy wines, but also by those who prefer pure fruits and freshness.

There is lot of options when it comes to deciding on food that goes with this magnificent wine although it tends to be primarily companion to BBQ and any other succulent grilled or baked red meats. It is also an excellent choice with seasoned, smoked or ordinary mild cheeses (Gouda, cumin Gouda, Emmental and Cheddar cheese, the traditional Bulgarian Vitosha yellow cheese, smoked mild cheeses).