Sangiovese & Merlot 2008

A sparking colour with a deep mauve hue. Complex and multilayered to the nose with a strong hint of minerals, caramel and fruit (ripe plum, Morello cherry and wild strawberry are discernible) along with a delicate spicy highlight. Round, juicy and soft to the palate, with a well-preserved fresh fruitiness and a long finish accentuated by a discreetly bitter hint similar to the pip of a Morello cherry.

A pleasant, fruity, delicately tasting wine with a character truly its own and a clearly identifiable terroir, both the product of a meticulous wine-making technology. In terms of style, it could be comfortably placed amongst the range of contemporary Tuscany wines. Its graceful nature will shine even brighter with traditional Italian foods – non-vegetarian pizza or pasta but also a number of all-time Bulgarian culinary classics like moussaka or dolmades (stuffed vine leaves). Much pleasure awaits the palate when combined with dark-chocolate desserts.