Nimbus Pinot Noir 2008

Instantly captivating to the nose with a classical aroma of ripe red wild berries (raspberry, wild strawberry), caramel, vanilla, croissant, roast meat and an intriguing hint of dried fennel. A powerful body well balanced by soft, rounded tannins of an almost satin-like quality and a well-preserved taste of fruit and stylish fennel highlights.

A lingering, juicy, fresh and enticing wine. A pinot noir for the connoisseur that will live up to the highest expectations whether enjoyed instantly or left to mature for 10 years. Classy wines call for a classy company. Rare venison, whether of the flying or quadruped variety, will bring out the best in this wine. Certain fleshier fish varieties, for example grilled salmon or tuna, would also go down well with the wine slightly chilled.