Alicante Bouchet & Merlot 2008

Opaque and ink-like in colour. An intriguing yet discreet body revealing sweet notes of cocoa and roast blue and black berries, with a quality of smokiness and a hint of vanilla complemented by a meaty highlight. Spicy and fresh to the palate, with multiple layers of refreshing blackberry, blueberry, black cherry and undertones of linden, mint and chocolate.

A strong-bodied wine with stable, mature and velour tannins, reminiscent of juicy fruit and standing testimony to an outstanding selection of grape varieties. Definite potential to mature at least another 5-6 years. A strong wine of the South with a rigorously arranged body reminiscent of minerals and the sea that evokes images of wondrous cruises around the Western Mediterranean. Supreme when served with spicy delicatessen meats, flat sausage (lukanka), pastrami or grilled pork and extra mature cheese varieties.