Telish and Castra Rubra with awards from International Wine Challenge 2011

IWC 2011, held in London, brought many awards to our wines this year too. The splendid Castra Rubra 2007 won a bronze medal from the Europe’s most serious wine competition. Our bestseller Via Diagonalis 2008 has received a recommendation (Commended), as the other three of Telish/Castra Rubra wines: Pendar 2008, Telish Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot 2009 and Telish Ttt Alicante Bouchet & Merlot 2008.

A large part of the IWC’s reputation is down to the quality and experience of its judges. This year, more than 370 winemakers, merchants and writers from around the world took part. Up to 2000 wines are assessed daily during the first week. Week two is the second round, wines scoring above 84 points in round one are assessed again, with the judges deciding which, if any, medal they should receive (a wine can still be rejected or given a Commended at this stage). In the final round of the Challenge, they taste all gold medal winning wines, once again blind, with the best of the best being considered for a trophy.

A full list of all winners is available on World’s Best Wines book.