Rober Parker has tasted the wines of Telish and Castra Rubra

It is 16th of March, 13:00 p.m, Pomerol, BORDAUX. One of our dreams came true. Three men, which later will be called by Robert Parker «The Three Musketeers» had lunch in a small gourmet place. The three men are Michel Rolland, exclusive consultant of Telish and Casra Rubra, Jair Agopyan – the owner of the two wineries, and the most renowned wine critic in the world – Robert Parker. The tasting has started with Via Diagonalis 2008, continued with Castra Rubra 2008 and finished with Pinot Noir 2008.

«Mister Parker had very good impressions of our wines, which is good for all Bulgarian wines in general» , said Jair Agopyan. «For me this was like a dream comes true. The day I have started this project and co-worked with Michel Rolland, I knew that I aimed this very moment. I wanted to make wines, deserved to be tasted by Rober Parker.

And the positive attitude is the greatest award for all my efforts, achieving this goal», said excited Mr. Agopyan after the meeting. «This is not an award only for Telish and Castra Rubra wines, this is for the brand Bulgaria in general», he said finally.