Bulgarian Wine Conquered Belgium

The Belgian wine Bible is called Guide to the Best 300 Wines under 10 Euros because the wine consumption in the country is mainly in this category. According to the statistics 80% of the wine sales in the heart of Europe are wines

Via Diagonalis won Oscar prize from the Belgian Guide to the Best 300 Wines under 10 Euros

1_fullcosting less than 5 Euros and that is why every year the ‘guide’ (as Belgian people shortly call it) is one of the most eagerly awaited books in Belgium.

It is published by a famous person whose name is familiar to all wine connoisseurs. This is Frank Van Der Auwera, the best Belgian wine taster and journalist, called ‘Robert Parker of Belgium’. He has won the competition Prix Louis Marnier 2004 and has been twice elected for World Wine Ambassador for 2000 and 2005.

“How are chosen the wines for the guide? “

Every year between April and September commissions of professional tasters and consumers with special attitude towards wine presided by Frank Van Der Auwera select 300 wines among the wines offered on the Belgian market. For this year’s edition of the guide the commission has tasted 3100 wines from 35 countries.

The tastings are blind and the tasters have no information about the wines but the most important is that there are no ads or any kind of sponsorship in the guide which guarantees that the wines are chosen without any bias and in complete transparency. All this makes the guide especially popular and valued among the consumers.

Therefore the inclusion of the extremely successful product 2007 Via Diagonalis is a great breakthrough for the Bulgarian wine as a whole.

2007 Via Diagonalis not only found place among the 300 wines but it also received the Oscar prize which is given only to 10-20% of the wines with best price/quality relationship. Other Bulgarian wines have been included in the guide but this is the first Oscar for Bulgarian red wine.

Here is what the commission said about Via Diagonalis:

“ Modern wine created with a lot of attention; it brings the quality of Bulgarian red wines to a considerably higher level.”

This is indeed a wonderful advertising for Castra Rubra Winery and its bestselling wine!

The excellent work of the winemakers of Castra Rubra was further appreciated with the choice of two of its wines for the wine lists of two top restaurants in the capital of Europe during the exposition Megavino. The restaurants are De Karmeliet (3 Michelin stars, one of the top 100 restaurants in the world, http://www.dekarmeliet.be) and Inada restaurant owned by the Japanese Saburo Inada, famous for bringing the fusion style into modern Belgian cuisine, http://www.restaurant-inada.be.