New wines


Dear friends,
We are happy to introduce our new brands.

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Telish fait partie de l’avenir du vin


From the 6th to the 8th of November 2011 at Hong Kong was held the second edition of one of the most important and prestigious event in the wine sector – Wine Future (www.winefuture.hk)

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Médaille d’or pour notre Nimbus Syrah Premium 2009


Der maßgebendste Wettbewerb der Weinsorte Syrah findet jährlich in Frankreich statt. Auch in diesem Jahr wurde unser Syrah auf diesem Ansehen erregenden internationalen Forum preisgekrönt: Nimbus Syrah Premium 2009 erhielt eine Goldmedaille!

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26 récompenses pour la Bulgarie lors du DWWA 2011 – l’argent pour Castra Rubra


The first wine from Castra Rubra/Telish winery, vintage 2008, was awarded with silver medal from the most recognized and prestigious European wine media – Decanter Magazine. There are only three silver medals for the country in this competition, but still no gold for Bulgaria. Bronze medal deserved for Nimbus Premium Syrah 2009, and reccomendations for Via Diagonalis 2008 and Nimbus Pinot Noir 2009.

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Telish et Castra Rubra récompensés lors de l’International Wine Challenge 2011


IWC 2011, held in London, brought many awards to our wines this year too. The splendid Castra Rubra 2007 won a bronze medal from the Europe’s most serious wine competition.

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La Bulgarie célèbre la fête des vignerons et des viticulteurs


Bulgaria, Feb. 14, 2010 (Xinhua News Agency) — People working for the Castra Rubra winery at village Kolarovo, some 270 kilometers southeast of capital Sofia, celebrated on Sunday the traditional feast of Bulgarian winegrowers and vintners called “Tryphon Zarezan.”

This feast is among the most vital ones in Bulgaria and is observed throughout the country. It marks the dividing line between the ending winter and the coming spring.

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Telish et Castra Rubra – sponsor du club de ski des journalistes de Bulgarie


The two wineries were among the sponsors of International ski competition for journalists, which took place from 25th to 30th of Jan. 2010 in Oukaimeden, in High Atlas mountains in Morocco.

The wines of Castra Rubra and Telish have been applauded from more than 200 journalists from all over the world, and among really strong competitive environment of the wines from Italy, Spain, Argenitna, etc.

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Bulgarian Wine Conquered Belgium


The Belgian wine Bible is called Guide to the Best 300 Wines under 10 Euros because the wine consumption in the country is mainly in this category. According to the statistics 80% of the wine sales in the heart of Europe are wines

Via Diagonalis won Oscar prize from the Belgian Guide to the Best 300 Wines under 10 Euros costing less than 5 Euros and that is why every year the ‘guide’ (as Belgian people shortly call it) is one of the most eagerly awaited books in Belgium.

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Dégustation des vins de Telish et Castra Rubra par Robert Parker

Rober Parker has tasted the wines of Telish and Castra Rubra

It is 16th of March, 13:00 p.m, Pomerol, BORDAUX. One of our dreams came true. Three men, which later will be called by Robert Parker

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