Golden medal for our Nimbus Syrah Premium 2009 from the competition Syrah du Monde

The world’s most renowned competition for wines from Syrah is taking place every year in France. This time our Syrah has returned with an award from this serious contest – a golden medal for Nimbus Syrah Premium 2009!
“In the context of a very generous year 2009, it wasn’t a surprise when Castra Rubra and Telish has presented some of their new wines from the vintage – splendid, juicy and ripe. Among all of them however stands this magnificent Syrah, with southern character, power, yet velvet and delicate”, is written in the wine website

The wine is with inky, dark color with beautiful purple ring. Deep and intensive nose, typical for Syrah with hints of violets, dark chocolate, earthiness and meat. It offers attraction in the mouth with black berries, vanilla and delicate peppery tones with a powerful, velvet body. Syrah which will be more beautiful after 6-7 years. We are sure that it will be delightful with any roasted meat or our traditional Bulgarian cheeses.

A deserved price for a magnificent Syrah…